Basic Maintenance for Home

Did you know that there is more to your home’s exterior than just siding and paint? Sure, you may recognize that, but it should also be noted that your roof is also a part of the exterior of your home. After all, without the roof, your home’s interior would not be protected! (shocking, isn’t it?)

So, it is quite important to see that you take care of your home’s exterior. This doesn’t have to be a part of the basic To Do list that you check off weekly, but it should definitely be a part of that quarterly list! By doing so, you have a better chance of identifying home exterior concerns and being able to stay a step ahead of them – before they become full on problems that are costly to repair (or need to replace!).

If you are new to home ownership, then determining what type of checking on the home exterior needs to be done can be stressful. So, to help out, here are the place you need to be paying special attention to:

  • Gutters – The gutters of your home control the amount of rainwater reaches your home’s exterior and protect your roofing as well as your home’s siding. Be sure they are attached correctly and are not sagging anywhere. It is also important to clean them periodically so that there is no build up of debris.
  • Paint – Take time to note if you need to touch up an area or call in a professional painting crew. The status of the paint job/siding will be one of the first thing people notice.
  • Siding – If you have vinyl siding, or one of its sister products, then you will want to clean it off periodically using a pressure sprayer.
  • Windows – Be sure these are not just clean, but open and close as they are designed to do.
  • Patio or deck – e sure that the boards are sound, and that any debris is swept off of them. Not only does this look better, but you can prevent any damage caused by critters/pests. Be especially vigilant against areas around windows and doors – were wood rot can occur. If you notice damage near these locations, be sure to get someone to check it out and determine the action to be taken.
  • Roofing/Shingles – Walk around your home and note any areas where shingles may have pulled away or are loose/missing. If you see any, repair them before they fall away and leave your home exposed to the elements of nature.

Dealing with home exterior issues doesn’t have to e stressful. Do some basic maintenance and then be sure to connect with the right companies within your community to help with those aspects that you don’t feel qualified to do yourself.

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